Which Drugs Affect Your Blood Sugar Levels?

Is it just food that impacts your diabetic blood sugar levels?  No, it’s not!  Medications or drugs that have sky-high sugar, usually only include small amounts so do not bring about much of a change in your levels.  But there are a few medications which have certainly none but still they cause the levels of yours to rise!  And when a lot of people with type two diabetes are taking 3 as well as 4 medicines, which includes diabetic drugs, you need to understand the styles which may be interacting with one another and the way they affect your entire body.

These include:
1.  Oral contraceptives:  birth control pills trigger hyperglycemia while the estrogen dose is high.  The modern day “Pill” is customarily not a problem, although when several women with type two diabetes begin to use the “Pill” there is often some deterioration in their control of blood sugar at ifrst glance.
2.  Cortisol or some other steroids:  corticosteroids like Prednisone can result in blood sugars to rise significantly even when applied in cream form gluco trust on amazon the skin.
3.  Phenytoin, also called Dilantin: is employed to deal with seizures; it blocks the release of insulin.
4.  Nicotinic acid:  is utilized to lower cholesterol levels and could bring on hyperglycemia
5.  Thyroid hormone:  in levels that are elevated raises the blood sugars of yours by reducing the amount of insulin released by the pancreas
6.  Anti-hypertensives:  Many common medications used to lower high blood pressure also raise your blood sugars.  They include:

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