Introducing "Trill: Hip Hop & Trap Bundle"

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This bundle is a carefully curated collection of top-tier sounds and loops that I've personally crafted to help you take your music to the next level. Let's break down what you'll find in this phenomenal package:

220+ WAV Loops

200+ MIDI Files

Only $27

Trapstar Melodies:

Dive into a treasure trove of melodious loops that are both captivating and versatile. These melodies will be your go-to for crafting memorable beats.

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20 Trap Melodies

20 WAV Loops | 20 MIDI Loops

Trill Hip Hop Melodies:

Infuse your music with an authentic Hip Hop vibe using these soulful and trill melodies. They are perfect for creating that nostalgic yet contemporary sound.

20 Hip Hop Melodies

20 WAV Loops | 20 MIDI Loops

Hitmaker Hooks - Vocal Loops:

Elevate your tracks with mesmerizing vocal loops that pack a punch. These catchy hooks will add that extra layer of magic to your music.

14 Vocal Loops

15 Vocal Phrases

Trapstar 808 Loops:

Get those trunk-rattling 808s that make your tracks hit hard and stand out in the crowd. These loops are the secret sauce for those booming basslines.

10 Trap 808 Loops

10 WAV Loops | 10 MIDI Loops

Trapstar - Trap Drum Loops:

The heartbeat of any Trap hit, these drum loops are meticulously designed to bring the right energy and rhythm to your beats.

10 Full Trap Drum Loop Kits

70 WAV Loops | 70 MIDI Loops

Trapstar Percussion Loops:

Add depth and complexity to your compositions with these percussion loops. They provide that extra layer of groove and rhythm.

10 Full Percussion Loop Kits

40 WAV Loops | 40 MIDI Loops

Trill Lofi Drum Loops:

Explore the unique charm of lo-fi beats with these drum loops. They bring a laid-back, chill vibe that’s perfect for those mellow tracks.

8 Full Lofi Drum Loop Kits

45 WAV Loops | 45 MIDI Loops


ELITE 808‘ is a Hard-Hitting 808 VST plugin for any style of music like Hip Hop, Trap, R&B, and Pop.

ELITE 808 has a simple and easy to use, interface. ELITE 808 works with any Daw except pro tools. ELITE 808 is compatible with Windows / Mac / AU MAC. Comes in both VST & Audio Unit (AU) format.


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