The Surprising Way Chlorella Helps Your Brain With Oxygen

When the brain of yours begins to leave you, you’re powerless in a profound way. It can be why Alzheimer’s and dementia are very frightening.
Tragically, medicine provides few answers for these diseases.
None of the drugs used for dementia really quit memory loss. They solely seem to retard the progression a bit of bit. And these drug treatments come with negative effects like gastrointestinal conditions that often allow it to be hard for people to keep using them at the strongly suggested dosage.
In sharp contrast, with regards to methods for keeping your brain sharp, natural health has numerous more satisfying answers. And chlorella is displaying promise as among these organic solutions…

Proven Brain Power Boost From Chlorella
For some time we’ve known chlorella may help fend off memory loss.
In 1989, the Kanazawa Medical College Department of Serology, conducted research to determine if chlorella would be effective in keeping your mind sharp. A total of forty nine men & ladies were selected for the research. Almost all of them were experiencing memory loss. The participants separated into a control group, along with a team receiving 10 chlorella tablets as well as one “cup” of extract three times daily. The chlorella was administered for a six month period.
More than two thirds of the participants reaped benefits from chlorella supplementation. In total, 32 % of the aged individuals using chlorella showed signs of some improvement while 36 % experienced an extensive stop to memory loss. The control group and the remaining 32 % of patients that took chlorella worsened.[2] However the researchers observed that most of these patients who took chlorella but didn’t show any benefit even had suffered from cerebral hemorrhages before the study began.
Want to find out more about how much the medical world is missing?
“Why Did not The Doctor of mine Tell Me This?”

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