The Cat Lover’s Survival Guide – Book Review

Since a few cats had run me a quite long time ago, I thought I knew something or even two about them. Although “The Cat Lover’s Survival Guide” is guided toward first-time cat owners, I nonetheless found a number of pointers which were brand new to me. Among all those, my personal favorite suggestion is on page 17: “How to: Make a T shirt Cat Bed.” I in addition had absolutely no idea that cats could have zits in all age.
Right after a simple personal story with the cats of her in the introduction, the writer, Karen Commings, methodically sets out to inform the audience of her about cat therapy.
In Cleaning Tips, she handles all kinds of cleansing, from cleaning after the cats to trying to keep things clean for kitties. Cost Saving Tips as well as Safety Tips are authored with good care, putting the welfare of the cats initially.
Next stick to the Feeding Tips, Grooming Tips, Behavior Tips, and Seasonal Tips.
The last 2 areas are titled “Helpful Hints for Cats with Disabilities” and “Helpful Hints for Cat Owners with Disabilities.” These two areas had been totally alien to me with the exception of the component on aging cats.
At the end of the publication, on two pages, is a quick list of pet supply resources, some of that are on the web. Additional reading resources are also linked in each area.
“The Cat Lover’s Survival Guide” provides its substance specifically, without beating around the bush or even filling its pages with cat accounts. The info is well organized, sectioned, along with bulleted throughout, making the book an excellent reference material for virtually any cat owner.
The guide is pleasant to examine with interspersed, amusing cartoon like drawings, moreover the font is large and clear enough for many anyone to read. The language of the publication is clear and direct. As an example, here’s an excerpt from the Grooming Tips section: “Store your cat’s grooming equipment in a clear plastic container with some loose catnip to make the grooming session More info (visit the next web site) appealing.”

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