Increase Testosterone & Growth Hormone Through Intense Strength Training

Everywhere we turn we discover people who are allowing the Downward Cycle of Aging overtake them. They allow doctors as well as peers tell them that feeling worse and getting fatter is simply a part of the process of aging.
Scientists at the University of Jyvaskyla in Finland disagree. After analyzing 51 inactive females they published findings which prove you can have an improved quality of life, and actually feel BETTER as you age simply by finishing intense strength training.
Of the research the girls finished intense compound strength workout routines for example the squat, bench press, dead lift, and assisted pull-ups. The intense strength training boosted the serum testosterone, and growth hormone levels leading to decreases in BMI, less irritability and improved mood, drastic loss of belly fat, increased libido, increased lean muscle, far more energy and stamina, improved bone density, and improved drive and concentration.

To get the results you are looking for and build a much better you it’s important to:

Improve the intensity of your workouts and reduce the range of time you pay out at that gym and you are going to experience all of the gain of increased testosterone as well as growth hormone, including increased energy, Read more restful sleep, improved libido, and a leaner sexier body.

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