3 Ways To Boost Your Testosterone

Want to know the number one cause of low testosterone? Abdominal fat.
And if your waist circumference is growing faster than the Kardashian Hate Club, be ready for lower sex drive, muscle strength and vitality.
Inside the fat cells of yours, an enzyme called aromatase is responsible for converting testosterone into oestrogens. Oestrogens are the chief sex stress hormones females have, and as soon as they start to be too full of males it will slow the production of testosterone.
Less testosterone leads to higher degrees of stomach fat, and See details also greater stomach fat repeats the cycle of more aromatase.

OMG! Excel me Python | Python in Excel Explain in HindiLow testosterone could also end up in:

• More fatigue
• Reduced sex drive
• Increase risk of depression
• Reduced muscle volume, strength as well as performance
• Lack of focus
• Lack of concentration
• Decrease bone density, especially for males more than 35
• Plateau in training
• Erectile dysfunction
• Imbalances with other hormones
The best part is that you could begin to increase your testosterone levels immediately. Allow me to share my 3 steps for more T:
1. Lift heavy, stop running
Lifting weights triggers a big increase of testosterone, and other anabolic hormones as growth hormone and IGF 1 (Geek speak for “more muscle”)

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